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I hope you buddies enjoy and love my post. Few days later I am searching on Google about how to get .com domain for free and find lots of links but most of them are just waste of time and do not work good as I am expecting. I am feeling very angry just because that why too many website mention that get top-level domain for free and the story behind is something not really like that.

But I am happy I luckily found a website which is very straightforward to their users and do not waste the time of their users. If I say it is very easy and simple to use then I am not wrong. If you are not wishing to pay for .com domain at starting and having some doubts in your minds that either you are able to run a website successfully or not then I think it is something for you because for One year it is totally free and after One year you pay the domain fees.

Please do not get my statement which I said above that If you have some doubts in your minds that either you are able to run a website successfully or not. I am just saying this because normally we see that at the beginning people shows too much interest to start the website but when It comes to manage the website in many ways like publishing content on regular basis, check the errors of website in webmaster tool, doing some good SEO techniques to get good amount of organic traffic and managing Social pages then they do not do all these things on consistent basis and do not get the results which they are expecting and quit to do work on website or blog.

So I think it is very good deal for those who are just want to start their own website with no budget. I am sharing my personal experience that how I get a .com domain for free. Webhostingthis is the website where I get my first free .com domain very easily. So what is the process to get domain for free.

I give my review for wpengine web hosting. But web hosting this have some requirements. If you write the review according to their need then you got your own .com domain for free. The need and not too much hard to done properly. SO what are their requirements?

1.       Web hosting this only publish high quality reviews.

2.       You do not copy reviews of others your reviews must be unique and your own written.

3.       Web Hosting this give a list of hosting company you must only reviews for those not for those              who are mentioned in the list.

4.       Web hosting have the right to reject any review for any reason.

Now what happens and how much you wait for your free .com domain. After you writing a unique and high quality review for any web hosting company from the list of web hosting this. The editors see your review and If it meets all the requirements mention on the website then they will publish your review within a month.

Web Hosting this contact you and tell you about your review is it published or reject and If your review is published then they will guide you how you claim your free top-level domain.

I hope you like this post share your experience through comment that how and where you get top-level domain for free.