What new penguin wants from webmasters

Penguin web spam algorithm is rolling out for the next generation; it is started from 22 May and now completed. It is finished after come to penguin 2.0; there are many quires about latest update of Google, what penguin says to webmasters. What type of SEO penguin wants from webmasters?

Let me tell you all realities which penguin wants. The fifth confirmed update is released which is “spam fighting algorithm” now in live. In this update, penguin wants to tell us that how to remove unnatural links from your site, what type of solutions you can choose after 2.0 penguin update. In case, your site is hit by this update then you can see the bright screen of your site back links and remove all unnatural back links.

How can you keep away from low quality back links?

Just some day before, there are shared guidelines to avoid from bad quality bad links by Google that how can identify the bad links? You can assure of all things:

ü  Have to come from new domains

ü  Have to come from domain with traffic

ü  Choose identical C class

ü  Come from PR0 sites

ü  Concentrate at external links

Many webmasters are writing confusing content at their blog or site which makes their back links more confusing, Google just discount them. There are two types of links which Google just not like.

  1. 1.      The first type of link is like the warning that is sent for “innocent reason”, which is not required for any particular reason.
  2. 2.      The second type is the link spammer that means the manual action, which is against for your site.

Around the time of penguin 1.0 came out, the Mat Cutts said to webmasters, who is hit by the penguin, they have to start the new sites and build link according the latest update. It is good for them, as we see the recent update of humming bird, which is clearly converse about the content which is uploaded at sites. Google just crawl at those content, which is friendly and visitors understand that what this post is want to say. No need to want complicated words. Just want justify and clear observation of relevant information that any webmaster want to share at his site. Because of this algorithm, many sites were hit and lose their traffic which is not good for them.

For remove the unnatural links from your site, you have to write an effective link removal request by it, or use Google link disavow tool which is also useful for those people who have unnatural links at their site and they want to remove it. Lots of people are having diverse views about the new Google penguin update. Many like it and many dislike, as they are comet objection that SEO become tough day by day, those people careful every time, and they can afraid from penguin. No need to afraid just keep following latest penguin and remove the unnatural back links from your site that’s all the penguin wants from all webmasters.