Stay Top Of Social Media This is the age of technology and competition. Everybody is doing great struggle in order to win this competition. People use different unique ways in order to make their online business one of the best businesses. Staying on top of your social media marketing is something that is very technical; you have to use different tactics in order to achieve this place. How can you up-to-date about latest news and about what is going on this planet? How can you get to know about important aspects of business or anything else?

You can get to know about latest information and can read relevant content on what you want to get to know through social media marketing. Here, you will get to know about some tools that assist you to stay on top for your social media campaigns. These tools are used for up-to-date their users about latest news.

  • Google Reader& IFTTT

Google reader is a tool that provides you notification about new articles. It enables you to get alert about latest content on any website so that you can get to know about latest information. You can also subscribe to RSS that is offered by most of the sites in order to alert you what they are currently doing. RSS are the most common and well known news feed that is commonly used in online system.

  • Videos

Videos are enhancing way to boost your website in social media marketing. YouTube is a visual medium that aids you to watching different videos. It may be an exhaustive and splendid way to keep in touch with what is going on. You can add tutorial or any other helping videos in your blogs, as it would be enhancing for your blog. YouTube is the king of videos; you can get any type of video from YouTube instantly. You can also get subscribe to various YouTube Channels. Through subscription you can get up to date along with the latest news, ideas and tactics. You can watch those videos on any device such as computer, tablet or Android phone; you just have an internet connection for this purpose. You can also save these videos so that you can use them for future need.

  • Starred Articles

Well, in order to save your time you don’t have to get through every single article and read it. You can mark those articles that you want to read and then later whenever you have time you can easily read them.

  • Instapaper and Pocket

All of starred articles would add into the pocket so that you can easily read those articles later. In this way, you can read your favorite articles without any difficulty. Instapaper and pocket keep your starred articles in a well managed way. It also avails you to keep your articles in archive so that you can use them later. It is not compulsory to use both instapaper and pocket; only one tool can also be beneficial for you.

If you are using above mentioned tools and tactics then you can easily stay on top of social media marketing.