Spam comments plugins For WordPress

I am writing this post just because I am really have a bad time with lot of spam comments for my blogs at start I don’t know enough about where these comments are coming from or who have the time to do these type of fully spam comments on blogs. At the start I regularly delete almost three hundreds comments from my blog which is totally waste of time and boring . Then I start learning about WordPress blogging and there useful plugins for many purpose in my this article I am sharing some useful WordPress plugins which control those bots or spam comments which are just a garbage for your blog.

Bot Blocker

AS I mention already that I am just writing this post because of the big amount of spam comments on wordpress blogs and I personally like Bot Blocker very much at the start I tried many of plugins to stop spam comments on my blogs but not much satisfied with them then I give a try to Bot blocker and it’s give me such an amazing results. The good thing about this plugin that it does not misguide your visitors and very easy to use and it’s identify the spam bots itself and perform the actions that human could not. I am also using this plugin on my several of blogs to get free from spam comments on my wordpress blogs.

Spam Free WordPress

This plugin is also one of the very useful plugin and many of wordpress users or we say almost 450000 blogs are using this plugin to protect their blogs from spam comments and the good thing is that this plugin is already claimed that it’s block almost every single spam that want to enter into the blog some main features of this plugin are automatically blocks spam comment from bots or anyother way of spam comments. The very bad part of spam comments is they damage your search engine ranking but spam free plugin preserves your SEO rankings. If we say that this plugin is the alternate of Akismet or better then Akismet I think it’s not wrong.


If you are the one who decide to select any plugin on the behalf of the ratings of the plugin then I must say you already use this plugin the rating of this plugin is very good and not only just rating the working of the growmap is very outstanding it’s very effective to stop any bot for spam commenting but the weak point or you say problem with this plugin is that it does not detect the relevancy of comment to the topic and bots are not a biggest enemy for your blog. Normally humans are the biggest enemy for any wordpress blog  growmap is not too smart to stop the spam comments which are given by humans.

I know there are lot more spam comment plugins to safe wordpress and I will share some more useful plugins in my next post and you also share some useful plugins to stop spam comments.