on page SEO factors

SEO is becoming more complicated to done properly but without SEO it is like you are trying to drive a car without an engine. For get better rankings and good visibility in search engines and also users friendly we must know very important factors of ON Page SEO.

In this era of the online world, every online business wants to rank on good spots of search engines and for that everyone trying different ways to rank on search engines. Most of the time we heard about Meta’s, H1 tags, Keywords Density and about where to place our keywords in the content.
What do you think is ON Page SEO is important, or OFF Page SEO is more important?
After the updates of Google Algorithm OFF page, SEO is not very easy to do for everyone, and If you done anything wrong in your Link Building campaign and caught by Google Penguin then you must face some very bad results for your website. Now many webmasters are focusing on their ON Page SEO and it more important than OFF page SEO.

I am sharing a very well and detailed post and infographics in which Brian Dean explains all important point of ON Page SEO in very good way. I personally like this post very much and do some practical on my own website, and I am happy after seeing the results. So I think why don’t  you take the advantage of that post.

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I also sharing that post with all of you and hope you also enjoy and take maximum benefit from Brian Dean On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page. Share your responses about this post how much you like this hard work done by Brian Dean.