Good Backlinks For website

Backlinks play the vital role for any website but If it is gain in right way every webmaster either it is newbie or professional always try to gain backlinks for their website and to rank in search engines on good positions. But the problem is that creating too many backlinks for any website is not the solution to getting good amount of traffic to website from search engines. The major problem is that if you do not know what is the right way to get quality backlinks and what type of backlinks are good for your website and you are just creating too manybacklinks and thinking that it is good enough to getting traffic then you are not hundred percent right.

The reason is why I am saying this is because if you are getting backlinks from low quality and irrelevant website then prepare yourself to get penalize from search engine specially from Google because Google penguin is specially introduced for those who are just creating backlinks not quality backlinks. If penguin found irrelevant and low quality backlinks you build for your website then your website must hit by Penguin update and which is very hard to recover I do not say you do not recover from penguin hit but the recovery process is very hard and lot of word required to do for that recover anyway that is other topic I write another post on it later in this post we talk about backlinks and which type of backlinks are essential for our website.

Now what important points you must keep in your mind before creating inbound links for your website.

i.    First of all you always keep in mind that when you start creating inbound links for your website keep in mind that you must create relevant links let’s take an example if you are working on fitness website and getting too many links from clothing or technology websites then it is not useful for you and if you are not getting  much links from any fitness website but get a some amount of links then it work more better than instead of those links which you are getting from clothing and technology websites.

ii.    When creating backlinks you must target your keyword in anchor text of backlink but do not do it excessive try to use different variation of keywords in anchor text it is good for your website.

iii.   Try to get backlinks from good and well established websites which have good page rank, page authority and domain authority it is also good for getting good amount of traffic from those website which is very well established and doing well.

iv.    As we all know that social networks play very important role so get good amount of incoming links from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest .

And the last but the very important point always try to make Informative and unique content for your readers. If your content making strategy is not good then you must work on that and try to write post on regular basis as search engines also love website which are updating on regular basis.

So if you follow these tips I hope your hard work must give you good results.