Keyword research things to do

Keyword is the most important pillar of any successful business. Just offering the quality content is not the solution you must keep in mind that we also use the keywords that are relevant to the content. Let’s take an example if you are searching for any specific keyword and you come on my website and don’t found the content which you are looking and land on my webpage through that keyword then I think that your interest of visit on my webpage is not that much just because what you are expecting in the content of my webpage. Keyword research is not an easy task to do as it demands lots of concentration and also a good knowledge about how to select the most profitable keywords for your business.

One more thing that was notice most of time is that many online businesses are trying to target those types of keywords which are not easy to rank and such keywords are called short tale keywords. Believe me if you are trying to optimize short tale keywords and expecting that you will get your target audience in a short time then you are wasting your time and results are not come good as you are expecting.

On the other hand, if you start then you try to optimize long tail keywords for your business then you may get results in short period of time. Just think like a searcher for  example if I am searching for a Tutorial and I type a phrase SEO Tutorials then maybe I don’t find the Tutorials which I am looking for, and if I type On Page SEO Tutorials then I will get some very good results which are more interesting for me instead of just searching for SEO Tutorials, so the purpose to giving the example is only that  long tale keywords are search more than short tale and also good to target for any type of content or online business websites.

Now, the very important point is that where we start our research, where we get the ideas about anything, what are most searches keywords are now and what our competitors are using to getting the most output from their business.

Keyword Tools for Free

There are many free keyword research tools for use. Hence, the most popular and the first choice of every webmaster or SEO person is Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which was recently replaced by Keyword Planner with lots of new and improve features to take more control and good results for your organic traffic through our keywords. I will write a detailed post about keywords planner in my next post and you may also visit Google Keyword Tool to get good amount of information about keywords research that was the great place to learn and polish your skills.

Google Trend

Not too many people are using this tool for keyword research, but the reality is that this tool also has some great results to find your targeted and most profitable search terms and when it comes to local search engine optimization. This tools is the best one, as it gives you detailed results for your local optimization and local search engine optimization is not the easy task to done properly, but this Google trend show you some valuable results for your targeted regions.

Keyword research is not an easy task to done properly, we must learn what things are required in keyword research and how can we get maximum results from our keywords. It’s a very important pillar of any online business to make it successful. It does not matter which industry or which type of business is that.  I am just sharing two tools which I personally love to use for my keyword research campaigns.