In this HTML tutorial we will learn that how we make a link in html file.First of all we already know that when we coding in html we use an element and a attribute and we able to make any link with our files.As we already know that tag stands for Anchor and used in to make a link to another document with the help href attributes. Href is short of “Hypertext reference”.Href attributes defines the destination of  target link.Below is the example of html file that how your file looks like.

There are other more things to links in Html for example if you want to link an email address it is also so easy and good for you if you wish that visitors want to email you about your website and feedback with to you the best way is put an email link with a subject.All the work done same as you done it previously like when you link a document.Belowis a example of how to link an email address in html.

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