In this Photoshop tutorial of designing  a website we will work on a header and a menu bar and linking buttons.Now first of all in this tutorials we will  open our index file in Dreamweaver.First of all we click on the split option in Dreamweaver after that the we center align the top of table.Now goto the design option and you could see easily that your header is centrally align properly. See below.
Now it’s time to make link now we go to the bottom area where we see  the tool name Rectangle Hotspot tool we select this icon and select home button like this see below pic..

After selecting home button like this goto the link option and type index.html and you first link is created successfully below is the example of link option that how you link you home page.

Now it’s time to make link number second which is HTML TUTORIALS all the is done same as we do before but only you change the name in link option name it htmltutorials.html and press enter your second link
is also created.Hope you will understand easily that how you make links.

It;s time to change a background color for this we simple add this in our body section like this.As you see below.

Now Check your website in your browser it should look like this.

In next part of how to design a website in Photoshop tutorial  we will add some content and also apply some CSS.

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