How to design a website in Photoshop this sentence is very use full for beginner who just started to learning a web designing .In this tutorial we will start from menu bar and a header design.That how to
design a website using Photoshop let’s start.

First of all we open a new document like this
.Than create another new layer which is layer no 2 after that fill  a foreground color in layer no 2 like this.

After filling a color in layer no3 create another new document with width of 960 and height 150 like this.And the color if this new  layer is white.

After creating a new layer simply drag this layer into your original layer which has 1000 pixels width and close this layer.Now in you layer pallet their are three layers delete layer no 1 which you create at the beginning  of work which is transparent layer.Now you are seeing tow layer in you pallet layer2 and layer3Select .Layer number3 press Ctrl+A than  Centrally align layer vertically and horizontally after that deselect the layer.

Now it’s time to add some effects in our layer 2 like this.

Add shape which help to make a menu bar.
Go to the tool bar and select rounded rectangle tool from shapes options.And draw a rounded rectangle shape to layer 2 after applying a shape to  right click on the shape option in your layer pallet and rasterize the shape layer than apply some gradient effect on the shape layer like this.

Now you  design look like this.

It’s time to add a logo select a text option from tool bar and write whatever you want i am write this in my
logo.And some buttons in menu bar like this and i am also using some cool photoshop brushes to make my header looks cool.

This is the final outcome that how to design a website using Photoshop.Now one more thing which we done
very carefully is slicing and it’s depend on you how you slice a document below is a picture how i slice my
whole document.

After slicing save you document as Save for web&devices.And name your file header and save as HTML and Images(*.html) and save your original document into Photoshop format.This is almost finish our first Photoshop and HTML tutorials in next tutorial we will learn about how to makes links of these buttons which we create in Photoshop.