In this Photoshop tutorials we will learn that how we apply a tattoo in photoshop.First of all select an image for which you want to apply a tattoo.First of all go to file and open an image for which you want to apply a tattoo.I am applying a tattoo on a Bollywood star Kareena kapoor because she is also my favorite actress.

  Now we are going to insert a tattoo image from our harddrive.Same work done as you done previously
goto file and open a tattoo image which you want to apply on a pic.

Go to open >File and open the image which you want to apply on a pic.Now also you maybe use magi eraser tool 
because if you are using an image which is containing background you remove the background very easily by
magic eraser toll.

Now drag you tattoo file which is obviously open in a new window.Drag your file to the image on which you are
applying a tattoo.Now press ctrl+t this is a short cut key of free transform now adjust your tattoo image to the image where you applying a tattoo.Now goto your layer pallet you also decrease opacity to 80% and then below in the layer pallet you see the option of normal change this to luminosity  you all work done and as you see below tatto is apply very easily.


That’s all done and you see how to apply a tattoo in Photoshop very easily and quickly.

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