free seo tools for websites

Finding a free SEO tools is not a problem but it’s also important that Tool which we are using for SEO purpose is trust worthy. Tools which i like most and why because the information which I want to know regarding my SEO Campaigns like website speed,Page Titles,meta descriptions,meta keywords,Domain age and many other important aspect. Here i mention some tools which I hope you also like.

In my list my some free SEO Tools which I use for my websites are:

1 SEOSiteCheckup

Seo site checkup is one of my favorite tools because it’s provide almost all information which every website owner need to perform their website well in search engines like Google yahoo or bing.

2 Alexa

Who knows about alexa one of the most popular or we say Giant website to know the traffic stats, Backlinks, Keywords or any other information we need.

3 AboutUs – We Know The Web

Analyzes your pages, titles, links, and pictures, and shows up how search engine friendly your page is.

4 Woorank

Woorank is not a fully free SEO Tool but they give seven day free trial and the report include some very good aspects some of them are.
What I love about Sitetrail is that they provide SEO information from different sources. When you use a Site trail for your website the tool provides a report that gives you lot of useful information regarding your website.

5 SEO Workers

This free SEO Tool provide you  comprehensive analysis for your webpages in just one click. SEO Workers gave you some very valuable information that where you should work more on your webpages to improve your results in search engines.


SEOPtimer it’s not soo much popular tool but it’s give some very good results for you websites pages even you can check any page of your website with tool easily.

7 Cuutio

Cuutio is not totally free for use but they provide some very good stuffs like Keyword positions,competitor comparison metrics,Analytic information and more but the thing which i think most of people are not like about that tool is that we can get only 10 keywords and 3 competitors monitored for free. But i think it’s not a bad deal that we are getting some very valuable information for free.

8 SmallSEOTools

Don’t go to the name of that tool Small SEO Tools having some great future to check your website content, plagiarism,keyword positions,Google Pagerank checker ,Backlinks checkers and much more for free from this smallseotool.

I share some more useful and Best  SEO Tools for websites analysis  which are free for use in my next post. If you know some good website seo analysis free tools then please share.