One of the most important part for any online successful business is Keyword Research and if you are a small or medium size company your first priority is not to invest money in keyword research but you also wish to get maximum ideas and results to your related industry that what keywords are your competitors using to get more ROI in their paid campaigns like search engine marketing, pay per click etc the process of keyword research is the main part of any successful business.Here i mention some tools which give good ideas to chose the good keywords which suits your need to get maximum results for your paid campaign and also for organic results.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

If we say that majority of webmaster first priority for keyword research is Google ad word tool then I think it’s not wrong. The tool provides some very great and useful features for free like globally searches, Locally searches for the search terms as well as the combination of searched which users are use for that specific search terms.

Google Trends

It’s not completely a keyword research tool but it’s gives some very good ideas about keywords and shows that what is the keyword volume  and how keywords searches changes time by time. This tool is good for working on keywords for some special occasions and target the specific keywords phrases.


This is personally my favorite one the tool is totally free and give some very extensive results for keywords you don’t need to create account for check your keywords queries and I like this tool so much because SEMRush also show you the websites which are ranking for that specific keywords which are you targeting.

This is basically ADD-On for Mozilla Firefox but having some very great options you check complete details of your competitors website page rank, how many links are coming for that particular keyword. SEOQuake is help you to know that keywords which you are targeting is right keyword for you or not If you trying use keywords which are already using SEO Moz or Search Engine Land then your website will be less chance to rank for that particular keywords because SEOMoz  and Search Engine Land are very good and high authority websites. So SEOQuake will also good for checking your competitors keywords criteria.

I will share more keyword research tools in my next Tutorials. If you have know some good and free keyword research tool than please share it will help lot of us in our SEO campaigns.