Free Backlinks checker tools

First we understand that what is backlinks and why we want them.Backlinks are the links which are coming from different webpages to our websites and why we want them than it’s obvious that if anybody wants to rank their websites well in search engines than they must build some quality and Do follow and No follow relevant links. This is different topic that what are do follow and what are no follow links. Now if you building a links and you don’t know that where to get links from than you are in big trouble as Penguin don’t like irrelevant incoming links before starting a to build backlinks you must find some relevant and good authority websites to start link building otherwise you are wasting your time to building too many irrelevant links. I am sharing some very useful Free Backlinks checker tools some of them are not totally free but give you good detail report in free version. I hope these tools help you in your link building campaigns.

Tool which come first in my list is:


I personally love ahrefs the tool provide some no not some actually lot of useful information for backlinks you just enter your homepage URL and the tool will show you results the total number of backlinks your website is having after you will see the total number of incoming links to your website the ahrefs will also show you the detail report about how many Do follow links you have and how many no follow links you have. If your website is getting some .edu and .gov links than this tool will also show you the details about those links.What i like about this tool is they provide complete details of backlinks when you got a new backlinks when you lost backlinks which anchor text your are using for getting links for and many more things this tool will provide but they are some limits for free users but i think you will happy to use there free version.


Seomoz is one of the most popular website in SEO Industry and they have lot of tools for SEO Campaigns opensiteexplorer is also in the list of seomoz the tool is not totally free for use but the limits are good enough for free users to get the information they required for the websites they are.


The tool is looks same like ahrefs but the one big difference is the user interface between them ahrefs is much better than majestic seo in user interface and many of the webmaster like the presentation the ahrefs provide their users.The tool is also paid but having also free account option with some limits.


One of the more useful tool which help you in your link building but the most annoying part of this tool is when you start using this tool one popup window will appear but it will close in one click.I don’t like popups windows and also know majority of people hate those type of popups but the tool is great to use they provide complete details that where the links is coming from our webpages.