In this tutorial we should learn some more useful elements and tags in Html which is also helpful for us in creating our website in Html.First we learn about some tags that are also useful for us.


        And li.We use these tags whenever we want to create a List.
        ol is short form of Ordered listing and ul is short of unordered listing and numbers of each list items.Same as it if we make items in the list we use li tag only in y opinion use always small letters for a proper output.

        Defination listing
Listing which is based on Defination and we used this tag for a list than a term and term description.
with the help of this tag we define a defination list term.For example BTT is a term and means Best tutorial tip.
with the help of this we easily give complete information  of the term which we define in our First point.

If we want to give some style or animination to a text than we use this tag in Html and we should also properly close this tag.And with the help of some different attributes we create a proffesional envorment.

1. Scrollamount help us to control marquee speed what ever we want fast or slow.

2.Crolldelay this tag helps marquee to see in different steps on screen.

3.Bgcolor use to fill marquee backgrounds colors.

4.Direction option is help us if we want that our text or design where ever it’s come to there orignal location than we use this special option.

5.Behaviour help us to change the marquee nature.
These are some very simple but usefull attributes which we also use in Html.Now we learn some more tags which help us to give a background music for our Html website for giving background music in our Html website we use Tag.But remember one thing that sound is only play in the starting of website and also when you want play means it’s on you.
And we also give a complete address of a file in “Src” and also define that how many time we want to play the music for that we use “Loop”

Now we learn about some elements in Html.If we want to see a stronger or Bold text than we use this tag

If we want to use smaller text we use “small” for Example

Some elements are opened and closed in the same tag.Those elements are called empty elements and not connected to specific passage in the text “br /” is also in those kind of tags which help to break line.Another element which is also opened and closed in the same tag is “hr /” and Hr stand for Horizontal rule.These are some elements and tags which is also usefull for us.


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