Designing a button in Photoshop is very easy and in this tutorial we design a button in just few steps firstly we create a new document with the size of 200×75. After creating a new document now we select a shape tool from our tool pallet and set the radius at 7PX then draw a shape.Then we fill a color what ever we want i am using a black color.See the picture below.

Now i am giving some blending effects to my Photoshop button first of all i give my button a bevel and emboss effect like this.

After giving this effect now we gave a gradient Overlay effect to our button.

The out come of our all work is some thing like this and i think this is better results for basic users of Photoshop users.

This is the final results of Photoshop button write the text on the button what ever you want in next tutorial we will try to make a Glossy button in Photoshop Tutorials.

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