In the second tutorial of html we learn about some basic thing that how to create a website using Html.First of all we look what is a requirment to make a simple Html website a browser and a notepad.You easily found Notepad in Accessories under Programs in the Start menu.Html is so simple and logical The browser reads Html as you read english the only thing is that you tell browser that you should talking to it in Html Language.This simple thing is done by using atag One thing is you remember is an simple HTML document begins with what should come first and ends with what should come last.Which we also discuss in our first tutorialYour document is start from “html”.The next thing you document requires is “head” is provides information about your document if you don’t use “head” than in my opinion there is no problem anyway now “head” is top of “body”.Your  Document look like this.


If your document look like above example you work is going correctly and you made you first website not so good and not what you expect.But you have made a basic template of all of your Html document.

You learn previously that Html has tow part one is a head and another one is body.In the head section you write the information about the page,The body contains the information that constitutes the page.

For example if u give a page title than it should be done in the Head section and element you use for a title is title and for this you should done some thing like this closing tag.I am not using greater than and less than sign i hope you understand easily.

This will not appear on the page itself because the reason is anything you want to appear on the page is content which was add between the “body” tags.
For this you should some thing very simple only add “Paragraph” tag b/w the “body” tag.And your html document should look like this.

Your all work is done you have now made your first so simple and basic website.Next  thing you save it to your harddrive and open it in your browser.You must save your file in .htm or .html format beacuse if you make any mistake you spoil all of you important time which  you give to make a website that’s why save your in .html or .html format.That’s all now you should open your file in your browser and check how you create your first website with the help of Html.In next tutorials we will discuss some more intresting things on Html.

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