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Create GOLD Text Without Filters

Today i will teach you about how to create gold metallic text in Adobe Photoshop without using any plugin filters.This tutorial covers Photoshop 3, Photoshop 4, and Photoshop 5. 1. In Photoshop, select File/New. Create your text using the Text tool. Next, use the Gradient tool. You

Create Blinking Cat Eyes

This time i will show you how to create a small cat’s eye graphic, then add animation. This tutorial will teach you how to use the Selection and Gradient tools in your paint program. This tutorial uses Adobe Photoshop, but you could also create the image using

Text Effects Using Filters

Using type and filters together can result in some beautiful and sophisticated results with very little effort. Text is, in some ways, nothing more than a complex selection. Adding some subtle effects with filters can add interest to an otherwise dull headline. All of these effects require

Create the World in Sixty Seconds (and without drawing a circle!)

In this time of world we want to save our time and try to do our work faster and work easily so this tutorial teach you how to create WORLD in Sixty seconds without drawing a circle. 1.From the menu bar, select File/New, and make the file

Photoshop Drawing Photoshop No Drinking Logo Stock Photo Tutorial

Hi Guys! Today I am telling you about How to Create Photoshop No Drinking Logo Stock Photo [1]-First of all Open New Document of Custom Size,Height & Width 500×500 pxl,Resolution 72 & Mode RGB Color[2]-Now Open New Layer & then create the following selection with the help

Photoshop Basics Natural Light Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn an easy and fast way to create an abstract light in Adobe Photoshop in Nine easy steps this tutorial will teach you in very details and in very Easy way to understanding for begginers.Step 1: First, create a new document and

Changing the eye color in Photoshop CS4

In this tutorial we will learn how to change the color of any kind of eyes using Adobe Photoshop CS4 in SEVEN simple steps. Step 1Open a picture, I advice you it’s saved on your computer and not a copy from the Internet Step 2Select the Elliptical

How to Separate an Image from its Background ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 7.0

I’ve seen people try to separate an image from its background by using the Pencil tool, by playing with the Magic Wand, and even by trying to draw an outline with the Lasso tool. The main difficulty with trying to separate an image from its background is