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How To Make a Link in Html

In this HTML tutorial we will learn that how we make a link in html file.First of all we already know that when we coding in html we use an element and a attribute and we able to make any link with our files.As we already know

Few more Elements and Tags in Html

In this tutorial we should learn some more useful elements and tags in Html which is also helpful for us in creating our website in Html.First we learn about some tags that are also useful for us. , And li.We use these tags whenever we want to create a List. ol is short form

Creating a website using Html

In the second tutorial of html we learn about some basic thing that how to create a website using Html.First of all we look what is a requirment to make a simple Html website a browser and a notepad.You easily found Notepad in Accessories under Programs in

Understanding Tags and Elements in Html

In this tutorial we should understand some very simple and easy tags and elements in html.Tags are labels you use to markup the opening and closing of an elements.All tags having same nature means they start from less than sign< and end with greater than sign>.In simple words there

Html Introduction

Html is not a programming language.It’s a very simple hyper text markup language and basically use for developing any webpage.Html doesn’t require any special program for run simply you use a simple text editor which is easily found in the start menu under Programs in Accessories. Notepad is very