blogging tips you need

Blogging craze is increasing day by day and every day many people’s make new blogs for their personal use or to share their experience or their thoughts to other people. Blogging is not only the name of online earning infect I personally know many bloggers which are just helping other newbie’s like me and many other. I learned many good and useful thing about wordpress on wpbeginner which is totally focus on wordpress and the website operates by Syed Balkhi the very good and friendly person who loves to share the useful and informative things about wordpress.

So giving the example of Mr Balkhi is just to tell you that blogging is not only just the name of online earning you must share and create the good and helping content for your readers.

In my this post I am sharing very important blogging tips you need to know but before that first of all you decide on which platform you start your blog on which you share your experience and your knowledge to the online world. There are two platforms to start blogging Blogspot and WordPress.

Blogspot is totally free to use on other hand wordpress is not free for use but wordpress  is the giant in blogging world and the first choice of any blogger because wordpress is improving day by day and having lots of plugin’s which make it more special user friendly and blogspot is not having too many options and one more worst part of blogger is that you do not know when your blog is deleted by the Blogger team without any solid reason. I also face this problem recently. So I prefer to start with wordpress.

The most important blogging tip you must know is that you must follow some very popular blogs on the internet like BasicBlogtips which helps you to know about what is going in the blogging industry what new thing are blogger adopting and how you write a great content for your blog.

Start writing only on that niche in which you feel you are expert and you may add some value for your readers. Write clean and easy to understand not use special character or colors in your content it is not look good.

100% Unique

Provide always hundred percent unique content write always for users not for search engine. Original Content is always be the interest of any good internet user because everyone wants to read new things.

Write In Your Own Words

The very important blogging tip you must know is that you never copy any other blogger content. This  is not the good for your blog and Google will penalize your blog or not give importance to your blog. So it is good to write your own words instead of stealing others content.

Keep Yourself Updated

Blogger communities introduce new tools on regular basis which help to improve the quality of blog. In this age of blogging we have too many plug-ins for use. So try to  keep upgrading yourself each and every day.

Try Every Possible Ways Do Not Afraid

Every new blogger do not take too much risk when it comes to using free tools or plug-ins. If you do not try something new how you know what the results come. So take chance and see the results and also try to keep a back up of your site to stay safe of any unfavorable result.

Stay Safe from Spammers

This is the problem which every bloggers face Many Internet marketers promote their products through spam comment and trackbacks. So if you want safe from this problem Akismet is the number one choice for any blogger. Akismet is good anti-spam plugin to use you may also check my post spam comments plugins for wordpress.

Increase Your Readership

This is what every new or professional bloggers want and for that there are many ways to get new visitors on your website the best and the long term way to increase your readership is to do good SEO for your blog. Check my post useful tips to get traffic to-your blog or website and another good way to publicize your blog is social networking websites where you can find new and good readers for your website. Some very well know social networking websites are:






These are the websites where you get new readers for your website in very short time but you must use these social websites properly to get the results which you are expecting.

These are some best blogging tips which I know and follow if you also know any other good ways to which are essential for new bloggers share with us through your comments.