Basic SEO tips for Bloggers is more useful now a day’s that’s because competition in blogging is very much and if anybody running a blog and don’t know about Search engine optimization than it’s totally a waste of time because if your blog is not optimized properly than this means no Traffic and no readers.

And there are many newbie’s bloggers don’t know about Search engine basics I am not saying that you must be a professional Search Engine Optimizer but you should know a some basic seo tips in this tutorial we discuss about some very simple SEO Tips for bloggers which is most important for new bloggers.

Here are some basic tips for Blogs.

 1.  Don’t ever use flash, JavaScript and frames because spiders don’t see the content of these type of files and take a time to index a blog.

2. Try to avoiding using any symbol in your blog title or post title it’s look beautiful but search engine understand symbols.

3. Make categorize and tags for better chance indexing results.

4. Write regularly and try to write informative which make you readership strong.

5. After writing new articles don’t forget to ping it. Ping is very important to tell search engines about that your website is having something new. I recommend you to use PinGomatic for ping you new post.

6. Make your blog more popular submit it to directories which is also help you to gain some Links but be sure to submit your blog in that category which will suite you best.

7. Schedule time on daily basis to write for your blog it’s also important for getting attention of search engines to your blog and also your visitors when your blog is updating on regular basis visitors love to come on your blog to learn something new and If you are not update your blog on regular basis then at least you must update your blog two or three time in a week which makes your readership strong. It might be a useful strategy.

These are some basic SEO tips for blogger. I also update this post more as I learn some more useful basic tips which are beneficial for new bloggers. If you also know some useful tips than please tell me by your comments which are also helpful for me and others and learn more useful SEO Tutorials to get maximum results from search engines.