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Understanding Tags and Elements in Html

In this tutorial we should understand some very simple and easy tags and elements in html.Tags are labels you use to markup the opening and closing of an elements.All tags having same nature means they start from less than sign< and end with greater than sign>.In simple words there

Html Introduction

Html is not a programming language.It’s a very simple hyper text markup language and basically use for developing any webpage.Html doesn’t require any special program for run simply you use a simple text editor which is easily found in the start menu under Programs in Accessories. Notepad is very

Useful Tips to Get Traffic To your Blog Or Website

In this Tutorial you can learn how to increase traffic to your Blog Or Websites is going to do? If you are new to blogging you probably noticed that your blog or Web site is the best traffic that is not easy to do. If you have

Adobe Photoshop Made Easy

If you talk to a web developer or a graphic designer or even about amateur photography in Photoshop, they will go into raptures about its abilities. It is a fact though that Photoshop is able to perform many more functions than its name might allude to. Editing

Photoshop Layout Tutorials Why You Must Learn Photoshop By yourself

Adobe Photoshop is a very useful tool of the trade Nowadays. Basic Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required from Applicants Sometimes even if it is not really Necessary in the job description. This is Because Employers Would like to gauge the computer literacy of Applicants through Their

Adobe Photoshop Basics

Selection Tool In this Tool Adobe Photoshop Provides You Four Types of Tool Number One Rectangular Marquee Tool Number Two Elliptical Marquee Tool This tool Provides Easily round shapes and Many More shapes. Number Three Single Row Marquee Tool This tool help you to draw straight Line

Photoshop Magic Wand Tool

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Magic wand tool. The Magic Wand Tool (W) selects areas of similar color. You can change the tolerance (how close the color values should be to the sampled color in order to be selected) of a Magic Wand

Adobe Photoshop CLONE STAMP TOOL

The Clone Stamp tool is used in Photoshop for retouching images. To access it via your keyboard, you must press either Shift-S or S. This tool has a large number of options, and these include the alignment option, opacity, and paint settings. When using this tool, you

Healing brush And Patch tool

Photoshop 7 In this tutorial you will learn some usefull tips on Healing brush so keep reading snd see what this tutorial teachs you. The Healing Brush and the Patch tool are new with PS 7. Earlier we had theClone Stamp tool – which is great too

Some Other Photoshop Secrets

In this tutorial you will learn some other secrets of adobe photoshop it will also help you to boost your productivity and your perfomance in Adobe photoshop. 1. Show / hide in a rowIf you need to show / hide more than one layers, instead of clicking