Selection Tool

In this Tool Adobe Photoshop Provides You Four Types of Tool
Number One Rectangular Marquee Tool
Number Two Elliptical Marquee Tool This tool Provides Easily round shapes and Many More shapes.
Number Three Single Row Marquee Tool This tool help you to draw straight Line very Easily.
Number Four Single Column Marquee Tool This tool help us to select in Column Selections

Move Tool

This tool help you to drag and Drop any Pictures and Object from One place to Another Place.Remember one thing if you don’t Unlock the Picture or Object then you shoule not ne able to Move any Picture or Object.To Unlock The Picture or Object first you should go on the Layers Tool Box then Double Click on The Layer now another new window will appear simply Click Ok And Your Layer Will Unlock and You should able To Drag and Drop any object or Any Picture.

Second Selection Tool Lasso Tool
In this tool you Adobe photoshop Provides you Three Diifferent Types of Tool From which you should do select any picture for selection or draw any type of shape Polygonal Lasso Tool select in Polygonal Shape this tool do many type of selection shapes but not do Circel shapes.
Magnetic Lasso Tool help to cut any Picture in very good shape very easy to use.

Magic Wand Tool

This tool is also use for selection and look like Fairy stick.When we click on any picture the picture was select then we use command which we called Invers command shortcut key is Ctrl+shift+i when we select this tool the picture is select from all of ther four side but donot select in the inner side of Picture when we use invers command the first selection was End and the selction which was not done First was select…

Crop Tool

This tool help us for Cut any File Very easily If we want half content of any file then we cut this file from this tool And it is very easy to use from Top of The Page we click this tool and the part of file we want drag this tool to this Line And Press Enter

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