Proofreading tools to get error free articles


Many times we read on many blogs, websites and on forums that content is king, but not just writing content is enough for readers. Content must be using with correct grammar, spellings, punctuations, spacing’s, and capitalization because the good bloggers and the good readers will also notices all that things while reading your article. Believe me many of visitors are just go back from your website and the reason behind is not that your website or blog design is not good or your website is not easy to understand. The reason is also that your website is not using proper grammar, spellings and spacing’s and the sentences are not have any mean to learn, so before posting any article online you must proof read your article.

I am not also a professional or full time content writer, but I love to write as per my knowledge and many of us are also not having a budget to pay for proof reading that’s why after writing article I use some online tools to check that my articles are well structured according to the standards or not. I published my articles on my blogs after proofreading and making it well structured article so that it can grasp the attention of readers.

Here, I am going to tell you about some proofreading tools so that you can make your article well structured by using these tools.

1.      Grammar Base

Grammar Base is the tool that is very easy to understand and use, but you must create account before using this tool. The tool supports for checking spellings, grammar, punctuation, plagiarism, writing style and contextual spelling. I am a big fan of this tool because it covers almost all factors which are enough to write a proper article without any error.

2.      PolishMyWriting

The very good thing which I love about this tool is that it does not require any sign-up to check your articles for errors. You just have to copy and paste your article in polishmywriting website and just click the check writing button and the tool will notify you all the errors in three different colors like red will indicate spelling mistakes, green will indicate grammar mistakes and blue color will indicate mistake in writing style.


How do you spell checker is a very simple and handy tools it can proof read your article. It doesn’t require users to create any account for check their articles. Users can easily make their articles error free by checking them through this tool. One more thing about this tool is that it supports almost seventeen different languages for proof reading.

4.      Spellchecker

Spell checker is also another impressive tool. It also provides you to check your content in multiple languages and the best thing about this tool is that it also checks your entire blog for errors and recovers them smartly without any special requirements.

I hope this article would prove helpful for you and you will make your writing error free in future.