Wordpress hacks you were never familiar with

WordPress is a best place for blogging; hence there are some things that are missing by you. You can enhance your blog by applying these things in your blog on WordPress. In this article, you will find 10 WordPress hacks those will assist you to make your blog more successful.

1.      Highlight Author Comments

At the time, when you are searching via comments it is good to know about the response of author, as author’s responses do a great job in the success of any blog.

2.      Add Gravatars for Post Authors

Gravatar is not adopted by the bloggers in all over the world, but most of them are making use of it. You can also suggest other bloggers to make use of Gravatar for their ease.

3.      Add Author Bio Info to Posts

You should add author bio in your blog, as it is not only for the reason to credit the author, but also an enhancing way to let your visitors know about the author those are conveying such meaningful posts to them.

4.      Control when your RSS Feed Updates

You should add RSS feed in your WordPress blog, as it will be very beneficial for people and let them know about any upcoming news that you are posting on your blog. Hence, you also have to control the updates, as control on anything is very important for success.

5.      Display a List of Upcoming Posts

When you display a list of your upcoming posts, it will be very beneficial for you. It lets the people to know about what is up-coming on your blog or site such as new articles or any news.

6.      Display Related Posts in Thumbnails

When you become successful to attract visitors to your blog, it’s crucial to make it easy for them to find out any relevant information on your site. For this purpose, you have to demonstrate related post through thumbnails.

7.      Add Subscribe Form

You should add subscribe form so that people subscribe to your website and get all latest information without missing single one.

8.      Add ‘Back to Top’ Icon

You can add Back to Top button to your blog so that people can easily move on top of the page if they want to do it quickly. This little hack would be beneficial for your site and give you a great benefit.

9.      Adding a Google Map

If you have a shop on which you want to invite your visitors, you should add a Google map on your website. It would be very handy for your visitors to make use of it.

10.   Splitting WordPress Content into 2 or more Columns

You can display significant amounts of creativeness in your page and publish templates by breaking your content into two or more halves. You can make details and evaluations so much more pleasing and simpler to study.

Surely, this article would prove helpful for you to build and enhance your blog in a successful way.